As a PhD candidate in ethnomusicology, I do research on Sindhi-language Sufi poetry performance in Kachchh, Gujarat (western India), located on the border with Sindh, Pakistan and along the coast of the Arabian Sea. I've spent a few years in India since 2005, studying music and languages (Urdu, Hindi, Sindhi, Kachchhi, Punjabi). In my current research, I look at how poetry performance, especially of poetry by Shāh ‘Abdul Latīf Bhiṭā’ī (1689-1752 CE) has served as a means for the transmission of Islamic/ethical teachings in rural Muslim communities in Kachchh.

People often ask how I came to be interested in South Asia. The short answer I give is, "The Beatles." The long answer is, well, longer. With regard to Sindhi music, I first became enthralled by the Sindhi Pakistani singer Abida Parveen in 2004, but it wasn’t until a decade later that I learned about other singers and developed a deeper interest in the region’s musical traditions. You can watch more videos I’ve made of Sindhi music in Kachchh, Gujarat on my YouTube channel: